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College Essays & Applications

Kerry, Founder

"I guarantee you that good writing is no longer being taught in high school. Students I see at some of the best high schools in America don't know how to organize their thoughts, express complex ideas, or use commas properly.Top colleges expect essays that are coherent, thoughtful, and creative, with proper grammar and syntax. And well they should; kids are going to have to do an awful lot of writing in college! Forget spell check and Grammarly; you need the help of a professional!"

This is the most important piece of the entire college admissions process. Students do not understand what colleges admissions offices are looking for in their applications and essays. They don't know how to articulate their values, accomplishments, hopes, dreams, and the specific contributions they will make to each school's academic and residential environment. In addition, it is almost impossible to find students who can write well these days, because - let's be honest - they don't read very much. Finally, students with youthful energy are often sloppy and impatient, and thus I catch dozens of errors on each students' essays and applications. 
This Service Includes
Parent and Student Boot Camps

These parent and student boot camps use REAL essay samples from students admitted to top schools to teach you:

  • The qualities and themes that colleges are looking for in essays,

  • The tone, style, organization, grammar, and syntax that are required, and

  • The different kinds of essay questions that students must respond to.

Essay Help
  • A face-to-face essay brainstorming meeting with the student and his/her family to discuss topics for the Common App and UC App essays.

  • Unlimited one-on-one, face-to-face essay reviews (including edits and suggestions for change) of ALL essay drafts for up to 15 schools.

  • Unlimited phone and email access to Ms. Traylor for both students and parents.

Application Organization
and Guidance
  • Guidance regarding testing, letters of recommendation, extracurricular, portfolio, interview, and essay requirements for each school on your student's list. 

  • Individualized monitoring of schedules and due dates for each part of your student's applications. 

  • Thorough line-by-line review of each application your student completes.

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