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College Selection

Kerry, Founder

Most kids choose colleges or universities based on where their friends are going, where the best football tailgates and parties are, or the "brand name" they THINK is most prestigious. This results in huge numbers of college dropouts, student mental health problems, lost years, and a huge waste of parent financial resources.You can easily spend between $100,000 and $250,000 on a college education. Shouldn't you make the right choice the first time?

Students and parents aren't trained to understand the best ways to choose a group of schools to apply to from among roughly 2,400 four-year colleges and universities in the United States. You have to think in terms of return on investment, because college is the 3rd biggest investment a parent will make, after their mortgage and retirement funds. You need to help your students think deeply about the key criteria in choosing a list of schools, centered around OUTCOMES, such as four-year graduation rates and employment statistics, as well as key INPUTS such as student:faculty ratios, class sizes, and faculty qualifications. 
This Service Includes
Student and Family Interviews
  • How do I pick an appropriate group of colleges and universities to apply to?

  • Of the 100+ defining characteristics of colleges and universities, what are the most important in selecting a college?

  • How can we get parents and students to agree on what is most important?

Research Strategies

How can I find:

  • Important "return on investment" stats about individual schools?

  • Which school rankings are best?

  • Objective descriptions of schools' academic residential, and social lives?

  • Objective reviews of schools' strengths and weaknesses?

  • Schools'strongest majors?

  • Schools' essays questions?

Long-Range Planning Tasks

How do I handle the following:

  • Teacher and other recommendations?

  • FERPAs and brag packets?

  • Portfolios and auditions? 

  • Other visual media submissions?

  • Resumes and social media profiles?

  • Ways to signal my interest in a college?

  • Figuring out merit aid possibilities?

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