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Let them speak for us!

Some impressions from our customers

We thought you might like to know that our son, Josh, just got accepted as a transfer to Cornell Human Ecology. Thanks for all your guidance! We are ecstatic.

Henry H.

The words I would use to describe Kerry’s services are “reliable,” “high quality,” and “extremely useful.” She is very attentive to her clients. I cannot think of any other way to improve her services. 

Laurie L.

I wanted to share our sincere thanks in your assistance and support in one of the most important journeys of Shreya’s life. It has been such a smooth and peaceful ride for us because of your help...We didn’t have to stress about timelines/applications/choices etc. Shreya is super excited and happy to be attending USC's Iovine Academy and we are very thankful to you for letting us know about this wonderful program and guiding Shreya in applying and finally getting admitted. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts! We're looking forward to starting this journey all over again with you and our 2nd daughter :) -Seetha J

We are so happy to be working with you – thank you for getting us inspired and moving in the right direction so quickly. We definitely made the right decision to work with Kerry!

Marjorie K.

With your help, it wasn’t even close to being as horrible as I thought it would be. I told anyone who called me that you were completely available to me; I never felt like I couldn’t bother you with a question.

Kerry and her staff were extremely helpful through all stages of the college admissions process!

Irene V.

Thanks for everything “college-related” over the last year. Without you to guide us, we’d be in a very different place right now. Our learning curve – because of you – was huge. We appreciate all the many things you have done to help us get our daughter on the next stepping stone in life!

Scharonne J.

Janine M.

Kerry should keep doing what she’s doing because she’s doing it right!

Tracey M.

I’m super excited to have the option of choosing between UCSD and UC Berkeley. …I want to thank you again because even having this choice isn’t something I ever saw coming! 

Rhea G.

Thanks for understanding how it takes a village to steer Ariel on her way. And thank YOU for passing on the great summer internship opportunity.  It sounds puuuuurrrrrfect for Ariel! 

Carolyn L.

Alexei is having a fantastic experience at Miami!  He loves his classes, the school atmosphere, likes his roommate, has a good advisor, and is really thriving (studying more, too, which is good, but making friends, too).  It’s hard to believe it was a year ago when so many questions were in the air.  We’ll always be grateful for your support. 

P. Yue

Thank you for the hand holding you are giving Jack while he chooses senior classes. Nice to have something to make me smile right now!  You are a gem. I am so thankful for you! 

Kelly W.

Hi Kerry, thank you for having us over and opening your house for all of us. We feel very knowledgeable about college essays and selection process after attending your information session. 

Mudita T.

I listened to you speak at Torrey Pines High School several weeks ago and thought you were amazing. I've given your contact info to one of my clients and I haven't even met with you yet, crazy! 

Laurie S.

Kerry is very knowledgeable about the entire college admissions process. She quickly and accurately assessed our situation, addressed our concerns, and laid out our best options. I have the utmost confidence in her guidance!

Robert F.

Kerry guided us through the entire admission AND financial aid process step by careful step. It was so great for my student to hear advice from someone other than her parents and overwhelmed high school guidance counselor!

Jim A.

I want to thank you for all your help in the process and I definitely wouldn't have been able to get 12 college admissions without you. 

Anjali K.

I would like to sincerely thank you for your tremendous support with Megna's college application process and for being a major force in her being admitted to UC Berkeley. 

Prasanth R.

"Kerry very effectively worked with us to define the type of college that would be appealing to my daughter and also a good match for her talents. She also was outstanding in helping us consider and go after every creative way to reduce the financial costs of college."

Jim L.

I would like to thank you for the support you provided Gabriel and our family as we got our first kid into college.

I believe that you were the right choice to support Gabriel.

Your help was instrumental in ensuring we had peace of mind that we didn’t forget anything that had to be done throughout the application process.

Marcelo C.

Christine got into her top 3 choices and went back and forth for several weeks between UCLA and UC Berkeley in particular; UCSD was a distant third.  She selected UCLA a few days ago.  Thanks for all of your support. 

H. Chang

I would also like to express my gratitude to you for your valuable advice, guidance, and support which were instrumental for Andrew’s Tufts University acceptance.  I would like to stay in touch as we will definitely seek your help with my daughter's college application in few years.

D. Xuan

Thank you so much for your help and guidance through my college admission and financial aid process. With your guidance and amazing resources, I was able to end up at my top choice school – one I never thought I’d get into! Thank you for being patient with me during all my many emails and requests. - Joanna S.

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