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Student Positioning

Kerry, Founder

I've seen so many families make mistakes here. To get into the top 300 schools in this country, you have to start paying attention to what colleges want from their applicants as early as the freshman year in high school. Things like high school course selections, summer plans, leadership and volunteer experiences, as well as demonstrations of intellectual curiosity - all of these really matter in the end.

I don't think most parents understand how much college admissions have changed in one generation. The top 100 colleges and universities in the country have acceptance rates under 25 percent these days. You can't just expect your student to cobble together an application in the summer before their senior year and do well. Success in college admissions takes careful advance planning that should begin as early as the end of the 9th grade year. 
This Service Includes
High School
Course Selection Review

Is your student taking:

  • the correct number of UC- and college-approved academic subjects, and AP/honors/advanced/IB classes?

  • Courses that reflect their college academic interests and abilities?

Key Testing Strategies
  • Should your student take the ACT or SAT? How do they differ?

  • How about SAT Subject Tests and APs?

  • What are test optional and flexible schools?

  • Which schools superscore and why?

  • Does my student need test prep? Which kind?

  • Do we report all scores or only some?

Extracurricular Planning
  • What can we do to help my student show:

    • Intellectual curiosity,​

    • Leadership,

    • Compassion for Others,

    • Creativity?

    • Expertise in a Particular Academic Subject?

Major and Career Planning
  • Which careers fit my student's personality, preferences, and aptitudes? 

  • What benefits and drawbacks do each of these careers offer?

  • Which college majors should my student be pursuing, given their career interests?

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